Russell Beswick

Solution Architect

I solve problems. Usually with code, always with logic and attention to detail. I've taken my decades of experience in the field of web development and focused it into three specialized service offerings...

Web Apps

Full featured web applications done right. Rich and interactive UI. Intuitive user Experience. Modern WebAPIs allow for some amazing features. The only limit is your imagination.


Self-contained, plug & play modules for your exisiting website or app. Fully isolated from the host page, no conflicts with existing page styles or scripts.


Scripts or utilities to automate workflow tasks. Data manipulation, reporting. Save time and hassle.

The last iteration of my website. Made use of lots of animations, shadows and lighting effects to create a stunning visual experience.


Sip.js, WebRTC & Socket.IO based call center operator and manager application. Runs on a Node.js back-end which communicates via WebSockets to a FreeSwitch server. Queue stats are pushed to a multi-headed management interface in real time. Users receive audible notifications when calls are routed to their station. Callflow scripts are interactive and change based on incoming call type.


Pronounced items, this app's name stands for Inventory Management & Tracking System. An IT asset database utility with real-time record filtering. Also has features for importing batches of new assets using a handheld barcode scanner and printing asset tracking stickers to a networked or usb connected label maker.

HelloShift Chat Widget

Floating chat window WebComponent. Self-contained module with all assets embeded for fast loading via CDN. Built for a client who provides cloud-based hotel consierge services to be embedded on their client's websites. Customizable config can be fetched from the server by clientId. Includes various message bubble template modules for delivering richly formatted responses.

Spartan Service Record

Personal project for tracking Halo 4 matchmaking statistics. No longer active as H4 is all but dead now and none of my crew play anymore. I built this because the official stats website was a convoluted mess and it as way too slow to look up our opponents' records between matches.


Early alpha demo of a web based game engine that I'm currently working on in my spare time. It's much more impressive in action so here's a sample video.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have a proven track record of excellence but don't take my word for it. Here's what a few of my clients have had to say...

Russell is a delight to work with! I'm a developer myself so I can assess the ability of another developer. I have found Russell to be top notch. He thinks deeply about a problem and comes up with very elegant / well designed solutions. He is very professional in his approach and I look forward to working with him again soon.

Russell is extremely prompt, professional, and proactive. More often than not, he thought of and addressed my requirements himself, sometimes even before I did. Highly recommended.

Russell voluntarily included an animated movie in his proposal to show me exactly what the final product would look like, while placing his bid. How often have you seen that happening in this sea of freelancers who copy paste their bids/proposals after reading the first paragraph of your job description?

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I've been a web developer for a long time and worked with countless APIs and libraries over the years. I've seen the standards evolve and trends change many times in my career. I keep a close eye on the latest bleeding edge browser features so you can be sure that any project you commision from me will be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.


You won't get any sphagetti code or div soup from me. I take pride in writing clean, descriptive, modular code using industry standard best practices.


I value my privacy and I respect yours. Your personal information will never be shared with any third party and your customers' data will be just as safe.